How to hack wifi? It is possible?

how to hack wifiEach of us ever wondered whether hacked wifi is possible. If you would give it some more to think that yes it is possible but it requires a very advanced knowledge of programming, and it’s not all of us have. How to hack wifi, on this question, unfortunately, there is no clear answer. On the internet you can find tools like a hack wifi or other, however, does not actually work. Let us answer the garments but the important question, why hack wifi? Is not it better to buy access provider and start your own wifi network. Nowadays, the internet is very cheap, so it makes no sense to hack the network, the more it is not legal. To have wireless Internet access is enough to buy the cheapest router and PC with wifi. As you can see there is a complicated and no wifi hack will not be needed for us to enjoy access to the Internet. It is also worth noting that if you have your wifi network it should be properly secured. For this purpose the internet you will find many products in which it explained the basic principles of network security wifi, it is worth the read. Wifi hacker it’s no good soloution.

How to protect yourself from wifi hack, or a few words about the safety of the network.

To ensure proper safety wireless local area network (WLAN) remember above all about the proper configuration access device and its locating and applying appropriate safeguards. To do this, among others. the following:

  • make sure to secure the location of the AP (Access Point – AP) – A wireless router, ie, try to locate it in a central location in your home or office, where using a wireless network and set the network coverage (so that the signal strength was adequate the area where the wireless network is used). Doing so reduces the possibility of access to your local wireless network to outsiders
  • Change the default user name and password to access the panel allows access (wireless router) and check that your firewall is turned on (firewall), if it is built into the access device. Keep in mind the fact that every computer connected to the network has also been included. Perform any configuration changes wifi hack by connecting to the access device via the network cable. Avoid hardware but through WiFi, it is best to turn off all possibility of a wireless router configuration and remote management. Thus limit your access to the router and your network against unauthorized.
  • turn transmitted data encryption mechanism. Remember to use the latest encryption standards (the most secure methods) offered by your access point and other devices cooperating with him (such as WEP instead of WPA or WPA2 set), and use a strong password to protect your network (called Network Key). Thanks to this will protect against interception of your data
  • Change the default network name (the id, the so-called. SSID) so that less was associated with the nature of unauthorized access to your network and consider her to hide (disable broadcast), especially in home use when the network uses a few people. This way, your network will be recognized only for those who zezwoliłeś connect to it and thus its availability to limit your potential burglars
  • physical address filtering enabled network devices (ie MAC address), which allow you to communicate with the AP only known (authorized) devices. To do this, use the access control list (ACL called), ie add the MAC addresses of computers (network cards) that can communicate with your access point. In this way, by controlling access to your network will prevent or at least greatly limit your ability to access the unauthorized
  • consider changing the default frequency channel data, which will protect you against accidental wpięciami network neighbor (noise transmission through the mutual overlap of the network) and thus speed up the transfer of their data. To do this, check (eg using NetStumbler), which channels use the network in the immediate vicinity to select another

By following these rules you can easily protect your network from wifi hack. As you can see all the sub-items are not complicated and can help you to protect your wireless network. Therefore, if you hear from someone a question how to hack wifi, it’s an answer that is very difficult.

Are there any programs like wifi hacker?

Certainly you will not find these because they simply do not have a podnadto are not legal. Wifi hacker is a program that a  would hack the network, but in practice such a thing is very difficult and probably not find this dedicated programs. In addition, more and more people now care about bezieczeństwo their networks because programs like wifi hacker is unlikely to cope with this type of security. Instead, on the internet you can find many useful programs that can help us to manage our network, wifi, and are in addition legal. We can, for example, check whether your network is properly secured, or are there any problems with it wifi hack.
Safety wifi network you need to know.
Wireless networks are certainly more convenient than traditional, which does not allow for mobility. When WiFi is also the problem disappears cabling and connecting more devices to the network. Unfortunately, modernity and comfort do not always go hand in hand with security. Conducting regular testing for wireless network security in major Polish cities, said. that more than 20% of the network is unsecured no encryption algorithm. Therefore, people whilst taking advantage in wifi hack have an easier task. Another 30% use outdated methods of information security. These figures are alarming, and I want to pay special attention to this problem. Let me start by types of collateral to which we can hit the router for homes. The first is WEP (usually in 64 and 128 bit). It is an algorithm outdated, full of imperfections and holes, and its breaking can be done in several ways (depending on the hardware computing power which has the attacker). Today, WEP does not protect information. The second type is WPA encryption, which offers a much higher level of security and is recommended to protect your wireless network Wi-Fi Hack Download. Although here and there are ways to break it, but while maintaining the proper length and strength of a password is very difficult. Newest devices make it possible to select WPA2, which as the name suggests is the successor to WPA and these three algorithms are best suited to secure the network. And what are the consequences of negligence against the protection of our WiFi network? About this below wifi hack. If you do not turn on no way to authenticate users and encrypt information sent between your local computer and the access point is, at best, third parties will be able to connect to our network and benefit from links with wifi hacker, slowing us to simultaneously transmit data. Worse, when someone at our expense will download illegal content or share copyrighted files. It may then become unpleasant legal consequences, because the IP address of our files are available and there is no matter that is not in our computer. On the list of risks is not the end. All the information you send classified roads (mail, conversations through instant messaging, logins and passwords for sites) may be without much difficulty and seen wifi hack. Case there is much better for use as a method of network security encryption. This can be likened to leaving notices on the door of the room – “do not disturb”. If someone wants it, and so come to the center. There are many free tools to successfully break this protection in a few minutes to give the same opportunity to all this, as I wrote in the case of unsecured networks Wi-Fi Hacking Software. With this post I would encourage anyone using a WiFi network to draw attention to the selection of appropriate security. Most devices (even cheaper) supports WPA. Recent routers also offer WPA2. Only when these two encryption methods, supported by a sufficiently long password containing a small, upper-case letters, numbers and special characters can talk about the security of wireless networks. Follow all safety rules and no programs like wifi hack will not be able to threaten you.